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Why write?

I love writing - it is as great a form of escapism for me as is reading.  But more than that - I recognise the power of    the written word.  Great world religions have been spread through holy books, history has been passed on, decisions have been ratified or formalised and futures have been shaped.  Words need to be handled carefully -  tremendous good can come from them, but so can many wrongs.

 Annie Try - author of Losing Face


My first novel, 'Losing Face' was published in 2012. I am working on the sequel, provisionally named 'Dancing in the Dark'.  I am something of a poor finisher because I have two other books which are ready for final editing.

I love flash fiction and have dabbled in poetry, with some poems accepted for publication.  Mostly they are written for friends and family.  I have an MA in Creative Writing.

I am a trained clinical psychologist, specialising in working with children and young adults.  Under my married name I have co-published four books on working creatively with children and adolescents (The Creative Therapy Series).  I have contributed to psychology journals and the Christian magazine, 'Caring'.

I live in rural Norfolk with my long-suffering husband who gently reminds me to eat and sleep when I am deeply engrossed in a project.  Fortunately, I do the same for him!  Our house is often full of children and we own  a dominant cat and a rather lively Old English Sheepdog (who seems to think she can help me with editing, see below).  Our garden is visited my many birds, a lone squirrel and deer.

On the following pages are a few samples of my work, including 'Losing Face',  published by Roundfire Books, which is available through Foyles and Amazon online, plus many other bookstores. 

I enjoy telling people about writing and my writing life so please contact me if you would like me to do signings, talks to groups or any teaching.







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