Losing Face - Excerpt from Chapter 2

Then he put down his foot and we sailed past. No contest really – Spider’s motor had all the power.  But then you lot caught up and you all waved and managed to undertake  us when we were stuck behind a beet lorry.  Again, no problem to Spider, he just roared past the lorry and you in one go.  I can remember you leaning out of the window, with your hair blowing round your face and your purple lips moving up and down making all those strange shapes – what were you shouting?  Do you remember?  Your face looked kinda distorted with the wind.  It made me laugh.   Oh, by the way, that was my Violet Sensation lippy, you never gave it back.

It was fantastic waving when we passed you again  – exhilarating, powerful.  Then Spider put his foot down and the car took off.  I was jerked back in my seat as we flew down the road.  Must’ve been doing 90 at least and still getting faster.  Really fast.  I was laughing at first.  Then he didn’t slow down and overtook two cars by going into the inside lane.  That’s when I stopped feeling excited and grabbed the seatbelt, fumbling with it to try to get it fastened.  I no longer cared what Spider thought, I was going to wear it.  There was something jamming it.  I couldn’t get it to click.  My heart started to pound.  I felt sick and dizzy.

            “Spider, slow down, please” – my voice sounded, feeble, almost squeaky.  Spider laughed.

            “Spider, slow down, slow down!”  I clutched at his arm and he shrugged me off. 

            “We’re just getting going, Babe, hold on tight!”

            “Stop being so stupid, just stop it!!”

            I was yelling now – shrieking at him.  I’d totally given up all thoughts of impressing him – I just wanted out of that car.  Now.

            “Stop and let me out!!”

            Spider laughed again.

            “You scared, Babe?  That’s cute.”  He turned towards me, reached over and stroked my face.  “You’re even more beautiful when you’re frightened, Babe.”

He kissed the ends of his fingers, then pressed them on my mouth.  I couldn’t have cared less. 

 “Just concentrate on the road!”  I yelled.

Then it happened . . .  

Copyright Annie Try 2008