The Dr Mike Lewis Stories 

Reviews of The Dr Mike Lewis stories

"I just finished the first book in the Dr Mike Lewis series (Trying to Fly) and loved Annie's characters." 
" The threads are skilfully interwoven."
"An intriguing plot and characters you can picture in your mind from the first time of meeting."

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Red Cabbage Blue
Christmas is fast approaching when psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is presented with the most unlikely client – twenty-two-year-old Adelle Merchant. Dressed all in blue, she could be like any other young woman. Except it’s not just her clothes – her hair, her home, everything she eats or drinks has to be blue.
Seeing beyond a surface diagnosis, Mike works with Adelle to delve deeper, uncovering family secrets her over-protective mother has long suppressed. Emboldened by a blossoming romance, Adelle travels to New York and seeks to put right a crime that has shaped both her life and another’s beyond recognition.
Is it too late for the truth to come out? Are some wounds too deep to be healed? And how will pursuing the mystery affect Adelle’s obsession?

Out of Silence

Jaded Clinical Psychologist Dr Mike Lewis is on the edge. Separated from his wife, Ella, and deeply wounded by the death of their child, the future is bleak. But when he is assigned the case of mute asylum seeker 'Johnny Two', things begin to change.

Working on Johnny's case, Mike connects with attractive art therapist, Anita, and a close friendship quickly grows between them. Inspired by Anita, and Johnny's response to therapy, Mike finds reasons to hope again - but then dramatic events overtake them all and force him to confront his past.

Will he find courage to face it? Do he and Ella have a future? And can the silence of grief be broken?

Trying to Fly
Jenny Drake has never forgotten what she saw on that Devon beach. Just a small girl at the time, those frightening events have overshadowed her life ever since. Determined to escape their cruel effect and be free, she ignores her psychologist's warnings and forces herself to revisit the scene. When she is overcome by fear and emotion, Jim, a local café owner with memories like her own, comes to her aid. Together they begin a journey to understand what happened all those years ago and why - a search that will soon put their own lives in danger. As the mystery deepens, the circle of interest quickly widens, but who can Jenny trust? Can she even believe her new friend Jim? And will she ever fly free of the past?